Who We Are

Istra is composed of top-notch professionals with backgrounds in a variety of fields including computer science, mathematics, statistics, physics and finance.

The core of our company consists of an elite, highly skilled group of researchers and developers with extensive experience in complex statistical analysis and superfast computing. To us, international financial markets present a wonderful challenge—we relish engaging with some of the toughest Big Data problems around and appreciate the fast feedback and vast opportunities of global finance  

Data Science

Investigating statistical phenomena in financial markets and leveraging them to develop trading strategies using advanced math and machine learning.

Software and Technology

Responsible for the technological side of our automated trading systems, including low-latency/high-throughput aspects, communication, CI/CD operational flow, streamlined research infrastructure, and more.

Algorithm Development

Designing and implementing fast and sophisticated trading algorithms that predict market trends and trade accordingly to maximize profit.

Hardware Engineering

Designing and deploying hardware solutions, such as FPGA, that enable our trading algorithm to run at the speed required to compete in today's fast-paced financial markets.


Monitoring and managing our automated trading systems in real-time, in addition to the pre- and post-trade processes.


Design, implementation, and maintenance of our high-performance computing (HPC) trading environment, as well as our on-premise backtesting grid and the firm's cloud-based distributed compute cluster, consisting of petabyte-scale storage.

We are always searching for great minds to join us